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The Top 3 Items For Your Baby Shower Registry

From the moment you see that little flutter on an ultrasound screen, many mums start planning all the things they (think) they will need for their baby. Especially for first time mums, the information out there can be overwhelming and of course everyone is telling you that you MUST have soooo many things. The truth is that you and your little bundle of joy can survive with very little, if you've got the basics and of course a whole lot of love.

Baby Photoshoot Narre Warren

Having had 2 beautiful babies of my own, and listening to countless new mums about what they found helpful, I've narrowed it down to these 3 essential items for your baby shower registry.

Apart from the typical cot and baby car seat (I thought they were too obvious to list here), these are the things I wouldn't have gone without (and no I don't have affiliate links with any of them - I just like them!):

Okay so counting up from number 3:

3. This is a little odd as a gift, but something all new parents should consider – and that’s baby first aid training. I initially underwent a course when my first child was an infant, and then took further training later on when I began photographing more babies. I mean safety of my own babies, and of course the health and safety of those I photograph, has got to be paramount.

Of course we all hope we don’t need to use it, but realistically almost all babies are going to get a fever at some stage. And I can say that it gives you such peace of mind knowing that you have better skills at coping with something unexpected from your baby or child.

I still recall my husband calmly using a technique we learned through the training, when our toddler had something stuck in her throat. Such a frightening moment was over in seconds and everyone was safe (well my husband and I were a bit shaken afterwards at the thought of what could have been had we not known what to do….but bubs was none-the-wiser!).

There’s heaps of different courses out there that range in time and price. You could even consider undertaking it with a group of mum or dad friends and have the training at your own home.

This one here is specifically for the first aide of our littlest people:

2. Okay so number 2 on my list is all about sleeping – both your baby when they’re happy and content, and you because your baby is happy and content! Win-Win! So Swaddle up sleeping bags is second on my list. I only discovered these with my 2nd child and loved them instantly. It means that your baby can sleep with their arms in the air, but still contained within the sleeping bag so they won't scratch themselves or wake themselves up when they whack themselves in the face (yep they do that....).

I also loved to sleep.... who doesn't hey? So when it's 3am and I'd been up for an hour and half feeding my little precious, I didn't want to risk unsettling them and battle with swaddling them in a blanket. You can simply place them in and zip them up and off you go!

These can get a little pricey and they grow out of the newborn size fairly quickly so you might consider asking your friends for 2nd hand ones too. So they make a great gift!

You can find these little beauties here: (and no - I don't get any special treatment at Baby Bunting for suggesting their site. Wish I did!).

And at Number 1. My friends may know what is at the top of my list because it’s been something I’ve recommended to new mums ever since I became a mum. And that is…….. a big bundle of cloth nappies. And no, I'm not going all environmentally friendly on you (of course if you want to use them as nappies then go for it!). But these beauties are useful for so many things.

I used them under my baby's heads in their cots, folded in half and tucked under the mattress. It meant that I only needed to change the cloth nappy each day rather than the whole bed sheet when they'd do their little spit ups.

I'd use them under their bums at nappy change time so I didn't have to mess up the nice fluffy change cover every time (I mean who wants to buy 20 of those?).

You can even roll them up and put them under the mattress to prop them up a little whilst you're awake; or place them on either side of them to stop them from rolling over (of course they need to be supervised for this).

And now as a newborn photographer I still use them to help me prop your little baby when putting them in certain poses - I'm telling you, these things have no end for their good use!!

They may not be the most exciting things out there, but when you're tired and want to do as little washing as possible - these are awesome!

And of course the best thing for your list that I didn't mention - is a photography voucher with me!!! Ha ha.. Just had to mention that one.

All kidding aside, so there you have it – the 3 things I would ask for if I was doing it all over again.

So what’s on your list?

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