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My promise to you is to be patient, supportive and caring  in providing you the best portraits of your family that you will love ... forever.​


​Believe it or not, when my daughter was born I didn't get any images of her as a newborn… that I liked anyway. Sure I got some quick happy snaps, mostly on my phone, but nothing that I wanted to hang on my wall.  At the time, being a little bit savvy with my camera I thought, oh I'll just do that myself

- of course!


But truth be told - I was exhausted and overwhelmed! And time just went too fast!

And that's now one of my biggest regrets. 


I'll look at the images I create for you, I'll ooh over the tiny features of your baby, and smile at the coos and giggles of your older children.  I'll wish I captured that for myself. And I'll be happy I captured that for you.


I can never get that time back.

I can never pass beautiful portraits onto my children.

Caroline Flake Photography - Headshot Photo

So that's my mission - I want to create that for every parent and that's what I want to create for you! 


I'll create timeless portraits to hang on your walls, sit on your coffee tables, to make you smile and remember all the new, exhausting, crazy and beautiful moments that being a family is all about.


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10+ years experience

Contact Caroline on 0407 801 391

Pakenham Upper, Victoria

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