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Kira Kira Kira - why did I play that music?!

I knew better. Kira has been in my Berwick studio a couple of times before. A newborn photography session, and then an older baby photography session with a cake smash. She is a timid little girl. A bit shy - eventhough I know we're not supposed to use that phrase anymore are we?

So it was almost the end of the day after hosting a full day's worth of Xmas catch up sessions with some special client's I'd photographed through the year.

Kira was happy. She was smiling. Cuddling mum a lot but that's okay. I think we could have made it to the rug. Then.....I decided to play my Christmas music hat. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Mum did a great job settling Kira with lots of reassuring cuddles - coaxing her away from her arms (not too far - but far enough). Then finally after some little tricks - yeyy some smiles. Phew.

Sometimes you have to work for it. And sometimes you just have to not play santa hat music.

So mum and dad are receiving a beautiful print of Kira as their special gift from me for Christmas. But I love all of these images - so you can help them receive more of them as gifts by simply commenting below which one is your favourite image, and then heading over to my Facebook page and liking the page. Here it is -

But you have to do both to make it count!

Kira - Baby Photoshoot Pakenham

So show Kira some love and get moving! x

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