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How to dress your child for a newborn or family photoshoot - plain T-shirts for the win

Let's talk about plain t-shirts in your newborn photoshoot or family photoshoot.

I love them!

When you book a newborn photography session or family photography session in my studio in Pakenham Upper, you receive a complimentary preparation guide to help you, well, prepare for your session. Self explanatory I know.

But one thing I have in there is to use plain t-shirts. Why???

Well. Don't get me wrong, there are some stunning outfits out there. But mostly it's because I suggest avoiding anything with pictures or words on the front - or anything that distracts you. Good ol' $3 t-shirt from Kmart is often the winner.

After all, we're not photographing a children's clothing catalogue. We're creating beautiful photos of your newborn baby and their big brother or sister. And we want the first thing you see to be the beautiful faces of your loved ones, and not what they're wearing. So plain t-shirts for your newborn and family photoshoots. Best thing ever.

For more information on what to wear to your newborn or family photoshoot, why not book a consultation or go directly to Book a Session in the tabs.


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