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Isaac: Rudolph's little helper

Cute and curly little Isaac was back in the studio on Saturday for my special VIP Christmas catch up sessions. It's the third time Isaac has been here (well 4th if you count his mum and dad's maternity photography session!). This little guy is 18 months old and I seriously don't know where those years have gone. Feels like only a few months ago that he was in my Berwick studio for his newborn photography session.

He wasn't too sure at first. Was quite happy just to stand and stare. But after a little while - with the help of some tickles, he soon turned into a smiling little man. I can't wait to see him and his family back again next year!

But in the meantime Isaac needs some help from his friends and family! As my special gift he and his parents will receive one of these images as a print. But if his friends and family comment on which one is their favourite AND go and like my facebook page (see that at they will receive more as my gifts to them! But remember you need to do both - Like the page, and comment on this blog.

So tell us which one you like the best - serious Isaac, tranquil Isaac, laughing Isaac or happy smiling Isaac?!

I love them all - which is why I couldn't narrow them down to one!

Isaac - Newborn Photoshoot Berwick

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