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My little man AJ

Goodness me. This little boy melts my heart every time I see him. It was such a thrill to share in the excitement with his mum and dad when we first met for their maternity photography session. And then to photograph him a couple of months later. Then to see him back, growing from a baby to a toddler for his cake smash portrait session - then to this. Seeing him walk on in to my Berwick studio like a little man. I can't believe that he is the little baby wrapped in blue still hanging on my studio wall.

He and his parents were back last Saturday for my special VIP Christmas catch up sessions. And as a bonus - I even scored a little kiss from my little man AJ. Puckered up his little lips and gave me the cutest little peck on the cheek. Too cute!

So I know his mum really really really wants to see his pictures! So here they are. Mum and dad of course are able to choose one to print as my gift to them. But with the help of their family and friends they can receive even more than that!

So help them out by commenting on this blog post what is your favourite image of AJ - then head on over and like my Facebook page at

(remember you need to do both to make it count!).

Mum and dad feel free to share this little xmas card on behalf of AJ.

So what do you think? Does he look like the exact combination of his mum and dad or what?

Newborn Photoshoot - AJ

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