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Family Photography  Packages

Family Photoshoots in Pakenham Upper are great for families of all ages.  You can even include multi-generational families together! 

If have children under 3 months of age, you will need to book a Newborn Photoshoot instead. But don't worry, because the whole family get involved!

Plan your own family photoshoot by selecting backdrop color choices through a catalogue sent to you before your family photography session. Answer a questionnaire to help us know how you like, and don’t like to be photographed and what is most important to you.

Then choose whether you want your family photo package to contain 5, 20 or 30 photos – and leave everything else up to us!   You just need to show up on the day for your photoshoot and your digital photos will be delivered to you within 2 weeks of your family photoshoot.

With a Family Portrait Package you get:

​- Your investment is paid up front but is all inclusive – so no additional session fee.

- Between 60 minutes to 2 hours of the photographer’s time based on the package you have chosen.

- Control over the colors used by pre-selecting them with an online questionnaire prior to the session – or let the photographer decide!

- An online Preparation Guide to help you prepare for your family photography session.

- Between 2-4 setups using different backgrounds and props, based on your pre-selected package.

- Up to 4 family members photographed during your session (with a payment of $50 for each extra person).

- Your family photoshoot can take place in a spacious and comfortable studio in Pakenham Upper, just up the road from Pakenham, or outside the studio surrounded by greenery!

- The ability to add on products to showcase your favourite photos – with all portrait products on display at the studio for you to see during your family photoshoot.

- Your digital photos provided to you by downloading them directly from an email within 2 weeks of your family photoshoot.

Prices for a Family Photoshoot are:

5 digital photographs  -  60 minute session  -  in studio or outdoors                                  -  $650

20 digital photographs  -  90 minute session  -  in studio or outdoors                                 - $1050

30 digital photographs  -  120 minute session  -  in studio/ outdoors or BOTH            - $1400

Ready to Book your Family Photoshoot?

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